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Welcome to the official website for DJ Small Paul. Information and social media about DJ Small Paul. Available for ANY event from kids parties with games, teenagers, 18th's and 21st's, all birthdays, schools, colleges, corporate, weddings even tuition! Specialised in younger generation parties (Under 30's). Call now for a FREE quote! 07751695465 / 02392 585595 or e-mail:

clubby rig

Mobile night club!

The Rig

  • Aimed to feel and look like a real clubbing night out - Rave lighting and BIG sounds!

  • Large smart professional DJ stand  - Will look amazing for your guests and your chosen venue

  • Crystal Clear top of the range sound system - For clarity, not noise, big enough to fill venues up to 1000 capacity

  • Extra Bass for that club feel with the music

  • Multi beam lights - Give movement tot he dance floor and encourage dancing!

  • LED Lights - New technology gives bright coloured spots around the hall

  • Scanners and Barrel lights - For more movement and colour

  • LED Par cans  - For colour flooding so it's not too dark!

  • 7 colour laser - Impressive laser light will cut through the other lighting for a lively effect

  • UV light - Will make anything white glow, helps make that party/disco feel

  • Smoke machine - Makes the lights look amazing and can make a cover for the dance floor so people aren't so shy!

  • Bubble machine - For venues who don't let smoke machines this is a fun alternative to attract people to the dance floor

  • Strobe light for an exciting crowd hype effect - needed for that club and rave feel!

  • Microphone - For announcements, to get people going, shout outs, speeches, etc...

  • Professional DJ equipment - Top of the range DJ setup and a backup in the van just in case! No dodgy set ups here!

Professional DJ

I consider myself lucky to be able to make a living from something I love doing. I take pride in my rig and my service. I am happy to answer any questions leading up to your booking. You can rely on my experience of over 12 years to make your party a success!

See the booking information for more detail about how the process works.



 I have the most up to date music all the time as well as music going back to the 1950s!


For the clubby rigs I will incorporate some more lively music and remixes and mashups.


Requests are welcome and encouraged - even if I haven't got the songs your after I can usually get them!


I DJ LIVE! - No pre programmed laptops or playlists! This is the part of the job I find the most enjoyable, DJing properly is about reading the dance floor and the rest of the room and choosing music to match the mood. I know too well how to take a night from guests mingling to a full dance floor and back again. Even if no one's dancing I won't play rubbish to waste time!


I will only do the classic party dances like YMCA / Macarena / Cha Cha Slide etc... If you ask for it with these rigs it's more about the clubby tunes - minimal cheese!




There are some extra's I can add to help make your party one to remember. Some additional charges may incur, ask me for details.

  • MASSIVE BASS (1000w sub)

  • SUPER MASSIVE BASS! (2000w sub)

  • More UV light (Good for halloween)

  • Glow in the dark bubbles (Good for halloween)

  • Radio Mic for speeches / singers

clubby rig +

The clubby plus rig is as described above with the additional super massive bass bins!



mobile dj
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