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When you book with me, it goes like this:

The Booking

After an informal chat over the phone or by e-mail I can send you the party pack by e-mail.

The online booking consists of the following:

You will receive an e-mail from me confirming the booking and with a link to the booking form on my website
The form includes spaces for you to detail all aspect of the booking (Date, time, venue etc…)
As well as things like music requests etc..
Payment can be made securely through PayPal for debit and credit card payments as well as PayPal payments.
You will receive a confirmation of the details you entered and a receipt from PayPal for your deposit.
You are then free to contact me for any further reason before your booking.

Online bookings are much quicker and easier but if you prefer a hard copy a paper version is available.

The Party Pack includes:
An easy to fill out form where you can detail everything about the event.
The music section can be chosen by individual song, era (60’s / 70’s / 80’s, etc…), or Genre (Motown, Soul, Hardcore, etc…), to artist (Michael Jackson, DJ Hype, etc…) and you can always attach a separate sheet of your own music and I will always do my best to source the music I don’t have already.
A copies of the engagement contract
It covers you in the unlikely event that I can’t make it or breech the terms in the contract for a full refund
It is legally binding and shows the fullness of my commitment to be there at your event (I won’t let you down)

The deposit

Can be paid by cheque, cash, credit card, debit card or PayPal. To be received (If it’s a cheque: “cleared”) upon booking to secure the date. E-Mail receipts are given for every payment. Credit/debit card payments will get a receipt instantly from PayPal confirming your transaction.

Final Preparations

Feel free to contact me with any questions about the party, or the music or any aspect, I am always happy to help! I can arrange to call you before the gig to confirm everything if you should wish. Contact me by phone, text message or e-mail!

Before the event

I normally aim to arrive with time to spare (usually an hour), depending on the event and size of rig I will allow an extra bit of time to make sure the rig is looking and sounding the best it can be and that you are happy before your guests arrive.

The extra time also means I don’t have to rush and if there are any problems I have time to rectify them without upsetting your event.

During the event

I am available for any announcements, instructions or music suggestions, please feel free to ask anything!

I stay put and am a non-smoker so I will be on hand for the whole event. I usually let the music do the talking but if you want me to be vocal I can be, sometimes the event calls for a bit of microphone work to get people up and get those that are up more lively.

After the event

I prefer to let the venue clear and be as discrete as possible when packing up. Some of my lights need time to cool before they can be packed as well so I always wait a little.

I will always ask how it was and get some feedback as it helps me improve further!

A receipt can be obtained for the final payment should you need one.


Unless otherwise instructed I play soft and chilled music to start until a few people arrive. I will go through and try different genres and music styles to see what reaction I get. Even if everyone’s sat down I will play good music not rubbish just to kill time.

I like to keep things moving and interesting by changing the style every few minutes. This keeps everyone happy and makes for a more interesting event.

Unlike some DJs I will respond to the crowd, if something goes down well I will stick with it, likewise if something clears the floor I will change it!

Have confidence that I am playing for you and not myself, I aim to find out a bit about what you and your guests like. Normally by you telling me just one song I can find many to go around it. Out of experience I know you should enjoy hearing most of the songs I play.


I don’t charge for requests, please come and tell me what you want to hear and I will always try and play it! Requests are the voice of the dance floor and believe me I will listen! (Unless you’ve told me you don’t want that song in your planner!). I have a text request service with a banner to let people know they can text me and i’ll also announce this and use request cards in the venue.


I don’t ask for any help with equipment unless it’s offered to me first, it’s your event and you shouldn’t have to worry about that.

Any questions get in touch: contact page