Are you interested in DJing? Perhaps confused about DJ’ing? 

I can help!

I am currently doing and have done many DJ Workshops for the following organisations:

Hampshire County Council, Hampshire Youth Service as well as:

Youth Centre’s, Schools, Charity’s, Scout groups, Local Councils and private workshops in school holidays.

I can offer:

  • Youth club casual drop in workshops
  • School structured lesson delivery (One off days and project work over a few dates)
  • Group sessions from 2 to 20 at a time
  • 1-2-1 lessons
  • One off lessons / refresher jams / taster sessions
  • Gift Voucher packages for birthdays and prizes for raffles or other competitions
  • Full term courses with certificates
  • Many worksheets and fact sheets available to assist you
  • Homework and activities you can complete between lessons

What’s involved?

I can deliver education on ANY aspect of DJ’ing. From mixing vinyl records to making money from mobile DJ’ing to remixing and production of your own music. From the bedroom to the club the journey is explained clearly all the way through. Some examples of what’s included are below:

  • Introduction to the course
  • Introduction to DJ’ing theory (COMPULSORY)
  • Basic theory – Djing for you / DJing for others / DJing for money
  • Beatmatching Basics
  • DJ Theory Continued
  • Deck Effects (Mash-ups / 10 second mixing / Double drops / spin backs and reloads…)
  • Beatmatching Continued
  • Scratching Introduction
  • MC’ing Introduction
  • MC’ing Continued – Theory + Human beat boxing / hosting
  • Music Production Intro
  • Music Production Continued
  • Party Planning
  • Making a name for yourself – Self promotion / getting gigs out of the bedroom
  • Working as a team
  • Energy levels
  • Finale (A goal set by you… i.e.: Your party)
  • Advanced courses on all the above also available

All the courses have worksheets and work from books, DVD’s and obviously live demo’s from the lessons. There are different levels and skills to master that can be done as little or as often as you like. It is for complete beginners, music teachers wishing to gain further knowledge right up to advanced DJ’s out there who want to know more or perfect their skills.

How much is it?

Lessons are tailored to what you want to learn and length of time is up to you. Usually I do hour lessons that work out at £25 per hour. (If you have your own equipment)

If I have to bring mine the price will reflect the amount I have to bring. All my equipment is insured for hire and use under my tuition. My public liability insurance also covers me in the unlikely event of something going wrong.


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